Nature’s Way: Breast Enhancement Pills

Survey shows that most men actually prefer larger breasts in women, this is not surprising since women without asking a man’s opinion would decide for themselves to have breast enhancement to boost their self esteem. Most women would still prefer a more natural form of breast enhancement since it offers more advantage than having to go through surgery.

There are hundreds of breast enhancement pills available in the market to choose from, that’s why it’s necessary to read some product reviews on tested breast enhancement pills since these studies have evaluated the products based on price, success rate, effectivity, actual time results and feedback of users.


Most breast enhancement products are 100% natural and herbal formulas by nature. They are designed to stimulate mammary glands in developing breast tissue similar with puberty stage or pregnancy. Estrogen like herbal formula found in herbs called phytoestrogens attach to breast receptors that are responsible for making the breast grow and seem full. The “mimicking” properties of phytoestrogen makes herbal breast pills effective.


Results usually take effect within 4 weeks time and you will notice an increase from 1/2 to 2 cup size within 3 months of use. Cell growth in the breast tissue are permanent, but since cells do have a tendency to decrease in size, it is recommended to use the product periodically from time to time.


Most ingredients are the same for all types of brands, what’s good about these are aside from having high levels of phytoestrogens, they also contain several nutrients to enhance the breast. The main ingredients are as follows :

Fennel Seed
Dong Quai Extract
Pueraria Mirifica
Blessed Thistle
L- Tyrosine

Here are 10 of the top brands of Breast Enhancement Pills with favorable results and positive customer testimonials:

Just Naturally
Breast RX

These breast enhancement pills does not represent all products since they are just samples of some consumers who have experienced various products of breast enhancement pill.

The above mentioned ingredients in Breast Enhancement Pills are not only organic but provides many other health benefits such as :

a.) Wash off toxins from the system to aid in further responding to breast growth
b. ) Ease and minimize PMS and menopause symptoms such as water weight gain during menstrual cycle.
c. ) Relief from menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, fatigue, vaginal dryness, insomnia, night sweats and mood swings.
d.) Better sex drive and stronger climaxes

FDA listed it under highest rated herbal formula. Although breast enhancement pills are all natural and no known side effects it is still not recommended for use of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

If you prefer breast enhancement method that is safe, non surgical and a natural looking breast size that is just right for you, then breast enhancement pills are the perfect choice. It takes a small cost for such satisfying results. And most of all it’s the closest thing to being natural.